Gregory Reveret - Film Composer

Gregory Reveret, a distinguished composer hailing from South Africa, has made indelible contributions to the “Resident Evil” video game franchise. His musical talents have been particularly highlighted in the brilliant adaptation of the franchise for Netflix, where Reveret served as the esteemed composer for this hit show, crafting a captivating sonic landscape that resonated with audiences globally.

Additionally, Reveret collaborated with the renowned artist deadmau5, resulting in the creation of the album “Where’s the Drop?” This album features orchestral renditions of deadmau5’s iconic tracks, seamlessly blended with Reveret’s original compositions. The project received widespread critical acclaim, leading to two sold-out concerts and a Grammy-nominated remix album.

Reveret’s compositions have been released on esteemed labels such as Ministry Of Sound and mau5trap. His work has also gained recognition on prominent platforms like BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, KCRW, and Solid Steel Radio, which is associated with Ninja Tune.

Furthermore, Reveret’s musical talents extend to Hollywood, where his compositions have enriched the soundtracks of blockbuster films such as “Furious 7,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and “Power Rangers,” underscoring his remarkable skills in cinematic soundscapes.

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